Dining in Haifa

Haifa is known for it’s wonderful variety of Mediterranean food starting with fish and sea food straight from the Mediterranean Sea to the wonderful restaurants overlooking the bay. Atelier is located in the heart of the restaurant and night life area right on the Ben Gurion Blvd. in the German Colony. Whether you walk up, down or across the Blvd., you will be facing a vast number of restaurants, bars and cafes, with a wonderful ambiance and music and of course exquisite dining.


The Baha’i Gardens

The beautiful Baha’i gardens, also known as the Hanging Gardens of Haifa, with their staircase of nineteen terraces extend all the way up the northern slope of Mount Carmel. The garden terraces surround the Shrine of the Bab and are one of the most visited attractions of Haifa. Sip your morning coffee on the Balcony right outside your room in Atelier, and you can view the breathtaking view of the Baha’i Gardens. At night you can see it with it’s gorgeous lighting shining on the whole strip up and down the Blvd.


Stella Maris Monastery

A 19th century Carmelite Church and Monastery, located at the slopes of Mount Carmel, near the upper station of the Haifa cable cars with a magnificent view of the Mediterranean sea. “Star of the Sea” is its Latin meaning of the name, does not refer to its magnificent view, but rather associated with Mary, mother of Jesus, since according to some, the Holy Family stayed in it’s cave on their way back from Egypt. Her statue stands above the altar holding baby Jesus. The church is a popular tourist and pilgrimage site.


Haifa Port

The largest and central port in Israel is located in Haifa, and it provides shipping cargo and transportation facilities to its customers to many places around the world. It is also not that far from the Atelier location and a nice walk away. Go see the big ships passing by and the real big ones that dock while on their way to other countries.