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“Atelier Luxury Rooms” is a brand new boutique hotel that suggests High Quality and Unique accommodations. Our Luxury rooms offer stunning views of Haifa’s most popular scenery.


A touch of beauty

Are you an art lover, do you enjoy beauty and exquisite taste? Then you’ve come to the right place – “Atelier”.

Charming Bed & Breakfast luxury rooms, where each room has been uniquely designed with an exquisite artistic touch, inspired by various artists, with a romantic ambiance derived from the beauty of Haifa, its history and hidden stories, reflected in every item in the rooms. Rooms that used to be someone’s home, with its original stone walls and balcony tiles, set against stunning scenery right outside the windows overlooking the breathtaking views of Ben Gurion Blvd starting with the Bahai World Centre gardens on one side going all the way down to the Haifa harbor. You are invited to be our guest and enjoy an unforgettable stay at one of our three lovely rooms at “Atelier”.

The three guest rooms have private baths, with rich, thick towels and beautiful amenities. High thread-count sheets and comforters on each bed. Two of our rooms share an enclosed balcony that overlooks the Ben Gurion lively street and has a marvelous lookout to the Baha’i gardens especially at night.

History in Brief

Atelier boutique hotel was founded in summer 2014 in a building designated for preservation on Ben Gurion Blvd in the lovely city of Haifa.

The building located on 33 Ben Gurion Blvd, was built by the Templers who settled in the region during the second part of the 19th century.

The Templers, a religious Protestant sect formed in southern Germany in the 19th century, settled in Palestine around 1868, with the belief that living in the Holy Land would accelerate the second coming of Christ.

Living in this region, the Templers quickly realized the huge potential of the city of Haifa due to its location by the sea at a time when the city bay was being built, a bay that allowed for import of raw materials from Europe to enable the building of the Colony, as well the export of goods to Europe. They were also the first to set up regular transportation services between the big cities of Palestine such as Jaffa, Acre and Nazareth.

The Templers built the German Colony with strict urban planning principles and focused on industry and tourism. The colony was the first model of urban planning in Palestine, with its main street (today, Ben-Gurion Boulevard), running from north to south, leading down to the harbor.

At the southern end of the Colony were the Templers vineyards (where the Bahá’í World Centre stands today). The Colony was built as a garden city with single-family homes surrounded by gardens and shade trees lining the main boulevard. They built hotels and mechanical workshops.

The building where “Atelier” is located was used for managing a hotel as stated.

The colony was renovated in the 1990s of the 20th century as part of the Bahá’í World Centre gardens project. Some of the old Templer homes were restored in recent years. The municipality of Haifa declared the area as one set for preservation and started to restore the buildings on both sides of the Blvd. Buildings along Ben Gurion Boulevard have been turned into cafes, boutiques and restaurants, and the colony has become a center of Haifa nightlife. The area has become a tourist attraction and many come with the interest of taking photos of this exquisite view of the Bahai gardens. The night lights dancing in the blvd all the way up to the gardens make this an attraction to all.

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